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Anderson, John (2003) Decentralization, local powers and local development Discussion Paper. International Labour Organization (ILO).

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, AUCC (2003) Research Without (Southern) Borders: The Changing Canadian Research Landscape Technical Report. AUCC, Ottawa.

Barca, Fabrizio (2003) Riconsiderare il partenariato nelle politiche di sviluppo: lezioni da un esperimento europeo in, Web site of the post-graduate master course in “Local development and social quality” Documentation. University of Milan "La Bicocca", Milano, Italia.

Barone, Sabina and Mella, Pablo (2003) Acción educativa y desarrollo humano en la universidad de hoy Revista ibero americana de educatiòn (31).

Becerril, Ofelia (2003) Relaciones de Género, Trabajo Transnacional y Migración temporal: Trabajadores y Trabajadores Agrícolas Mexicanos en Canadá Documentation. Migración y Desarrollo, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Cappellin, R. (2003) Distretti Industriali e Sistemi Produttivi Locali Documentation. University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy.

Cappellin, R. (2003) Le Reti di Conoscenza e Innovazione e il Knowledge Management Territoriale Documentation. Facoltà di Economia dell' Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy.

Cappellin, R. (2003) Parchi scientifici e tecnologici, incubatori di imprese innovative e il "third stream" delle Università Documentation. Facoltà di Economia dell' Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy.

Cappellin, R. (2003) Sistemi nazionali di innovazione Documentation. Facoltà di Economia dell' Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy.

Caridad Cruz, M. and Sánchez Medina, R. (2003) Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba IDRC, Canada.

Carrino, L. (2003) Cooperazione decentrata, partecipazione e sviluppo Documentation. The ART Intiative, United Nations Development Programme, Rome, Italy.

Carrino, L. (2003) Cooperazione decentrata, partecipazione e sviluppo Documentation. United Nations Development Programme.

CDEC, (2003) Le développement local. Une stratégie gagnante qui demande de la stabilité, de la continuité, un consensus de la communauté Documentation. Corporations de Développement Economique Communautaire du Québec, Canada.

Chant, Sylvia and United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Serie Mujer y Desarrollo (2003) New contributions to the analysis of poverty: Methodological and conceptual challenges to understanding poverty from a gender perspective Technical Report. ECLAC/CEPAL, Santiago de Chile.

Chavan, P. and Ramakumar, R. (2003) Micro-Credit and Rural Poverty: An Analysis of Empirical Evidence Documentation. Economic and Political Weekly.

Chiang, H. and Radelet, S. (2003) Providing New Financing to Low-Income Countries with High Levels of Debt: Some considerations Documentation. HIPC/WB, Issue Paper on Debt Sustainability, Center for Global Development.

Cho, A. H. and Dubash, N. K. (2003) Trade-Related Agenda, Development and Equity Documentation. World Resources Institute, South Centre, T.R.A.D.E. Working Papers.

de Leonardis, Ota (2003) Principles, cultures and practices of social justice Working Paper. Università la Bicocca , Milano.

Deidda, D. (a cura di) (2003) Governance e sviluppo territoriale, in Azioni di Sistema per la Pubblica Amministrazione Documentation. Formez, Rome.

Fierro-Renoy, V. and Naranjo, M. (2003) Ecuador: Sostenibilidad Fiscal y Desarrollo Humano 1970-2010 Documentation. UNDP/UNICEF, UNDP Fiscal Papers Series, Ecuador.

Formas & Reformas de la Educación , Serie Políticas (2003) Deserción escolar: Un problema urgente que hay que abordar Documentation. PREAL.

Fundación Canadiense para las Américas, (FOCAL) (2003) Governance and Territorial Development. System Actions for Local Authority FOCAL.

Hunault, Michel (2003) La coopération décentralisée et le processus d'élargissement de l'Union européenne Documentation. , Paris, France.

Innovation for Development and South, South Cooperation (2003) Constructed Wetlands Documentation. IDEASS, Italy.

International Labour Organization, ILO and United Nations Development Program, UNDP and United Nations Office for Project Services, UNOPS ART Initiative (2003) Innovation for Development and South-South Cooperation (IDEASS) Technical Report. ILO, UNDP, UNOPS Art Initiative, Italy.

Ketels, C. and Lindquist, G. and Solvell, O. (2003) The Cluster Initiative Greenbook Documentation. VINNOVA, Sweden.

Lamarche, Thomas (2003) Territoire : développement exogène, développement endogène et hétéronomie Documentation. Forum de la régulation 2003, France.

Landsberg-Lewis, Ilana (2003) Bringing Equality Home - Implementing the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women Documentation. UNIFEM.

Larsen, Peter Bille (2003) Indigenous and Tribal Children: Assessing Child Labour and Educational Challenges Working Paper. ILO, Geneva.

Ministero Italiano dell'Economia e delle Finanze, (2003) La lezione dei patti territoriali per la programmazione territoriale integrata nel Mezzogiorno Documentation. University of Milan "La Bicocca", Milano, Italia.

Sanabria, Ronald and Skinner, Elizabeth and Font, Xavier and Maccarrone-Eaglen, Agata and Sallows, Margot and Frederiksen, Morten (2003) Raising the standards and benefits of sustainable tourism and ecotourism certification Technical Report. Rainforest Alliance, New York, U.S.A.

Sarin, Madhu and Singh Neera, M. and Sundar, Nandini and Bhogal, Ranu K. (2003) Devolution as a threat to democratic decision-making in forestry?: findings from three states in India Working Paper. ODI, London, U.K..

Sen, Amartya (2003) Why Democratization is not the same as Westernization. Democracy and its Global Roots The New Republic (4).

Sharma, Rashmi (2003) Kerala's Decentralisation: Idea in Practice Documentation. Economic and Political Weekly.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, (2003) Trade and Development Report 2003 Documentation. UNCTAD, Geneva, New York.

United Nations Development Programme, UNDP (2003) Human Development Report 2003: Millennium Development Goals - A Compact Among Nations to End Human Poverty Technical Report. UNDP, New York.

United Nations Development Programme, UNDP (2003) Second Report on Human Development: Central America and Panama Technical Report. UNDP, New York.

Universidad Del Rosario, II Encuentro Nacional de Profesiones Internacionales (2003) Desarrollo regional e internacionalización de las regiones Documentation. Universidad Del Rosario.

Venables, Anthony J. (2003) Spatial Disparities in Developing Countries: Cities, regions and international trade Documentation. (CEP), London School of Economics, London, UK.

Waring, Marilyn and Chen, Marta Alter (2003) Counting for something! Recognising women's contribution to the global economy through alternative accounting systems Discussion Paper. WIEGO.

Winchester, Lucy and Gallicchio, Enrique (2003) Territorio local y desarrollo. Experiencias en Chile y Uruguay Colección Estudios Sociales . Ediciones SUR/CLAEH, Uruguay. ISBN 956-208-069-2

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